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Free Goodyear Premium Wiper Blades Contest

Posted by Wiper Guru on

We're giving away a free pair of Goodyear Premium Wiper Blades.  It's our first giveaway contest from Fishbowl Prizes.

To enter, you click on the "Win" icon on the left side of our page.  You need to enter and verify your email address.  The terms of the contest are available at the Fishbowl Prizes contest page.

Good Luck!

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  • This is about the worse service I have received from an online purchase. I purchased my wiper blades on 5/3/16, I tried to install them but they don’t fit my 2014 Honda Civic. I emailed service department on 5/11/16, I received a response from a Tim Basset on 5/13/16 stating he didn’t understand my request. So I sent him pictures as he requested of what my wiper blades look like verses the ones that were sent to me with a detailed email on 5/13/16. Since then I have not heard from anyone in the service department. Apparently, I can return them at my expense and there is no guarantee that I will receive a refund. It pretty mush has to be approved. The phone number that is provided on my paperwork, no one ever answers and I left a message with no return call. Never will I purchase from this online company again!!

    Ernestina Quinones on
  • The best wiper blades for your car are:
    1) Wiper Blades less then 1 year old (they do break down)
    2) The exact correct blades for your specific car
    3) Wiper Blades within your budget (Free shipping helps)
    4) Wipers that come with step-by-step instructions with videos for proper installation

    WiperBladesUSA on

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